Jul 15, 2013

How I miss you!

Image:  Sainath Chillapuram/Stockvault

I hope it's ok for me to open up and empty a part of my mind and heart a little bit.  I hope it's fine for me to be painfully honest right now. 

I did some quick finger math and could not believe it's been just over 6 months since I filled this space at all.  I've missed it tremendously.  Yet I had to make myself come back here and write even this post.  For some reason I have struggled to fall back in love with blogging.  It's like my passionate relationship with it has been overshadowed by a sultry new love.  I can't put my finger on exactly what that new love is though.

Of course, I've been in the full throes of nursing school for the past few months.  That has made it difficult to do much of anything beyond sticking my nose in a Medical-Surgical book the size of my toddler.  I was so excited for my three months long summer break.  I imagined long sessions of catching up on writing on my blog and reading so many other blogs I fiercely miss.  At first, I took a few weeks to clean my entire house--I mean the entire house inside and out.  Then another family tragedy hit just a couple weeks ago:  My mother-in-law was diagnosed with end-stage cancer and in a jaw-dropping 6 days she was gone.

So...I'm fumbling for motivation to do what I love. Most days lately I feel as if my brain is empty of anything meaningful to say here. I know I'll be back here again. I hope I have something witty or delicious to share.  I feel so badly that I've neglected this space for so long.  It's not intentional, but I think life has just gotten in the way.  I sincerely want to thank all of my readers for spending time here.  Those that continue to come here to peek in and see if there's anything new--thank you so much.  Stick with me please. 

In the meantime I've been forced to turn on the blogger's dreaded "captcha" because I've been inundated with hundreds of crazy spam comments.  It has stopped all the senseless comments, and I hope to take it down soon enough.  I've rambled enough.  I can't wait to be back here full speed, and visiting so many of my blog friend's again as well. I hope all is well with all of you dear readers as well.  As my dear late grandmother would say: "Y'all come back now ya hear"?



  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Shawn! You have a lot to cope with so there's no reason for you to regret not posting for some time! I'm happy that you're enjoying nursing school and now, a long break! You definitely need some time to get back to normal after such a strenuous time!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Roshni. It's funny how life just gets plain crazy sometimes huh? I'm certainly trying to enjoy what's left of my break! On a positive note I'm so excited to see your new blog! You are doing great things lady--congrats to you!

  2. Oh my goodness, how chaotic this must have been for you and your family. I'm so sorry to hear of your mother-in-law. That kind of suddenness would be devastating. I wish you luck and happiness to come and a solid determination for every day tasks. I'm glad you're back and I look forward to hearing more from you.

    1. It has been pretty chaotic Jamie. Thank you for your words of sympathy and motivation. I'm kind of easing back into blogging so we'll see how it goes. I'm happiest to connect back with other bloggers like you! Take care. xoxo


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